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今天我以信息无障碍产品联盟专家顾问的身份,请到全球无障碍宣传日的创始人Joe Deven和Jennison Asuncion和各位分享宣传日的起源、目的和他们对中国的宣传日活动的期待。
Joe Devon他是一位有多年产品设计和开发经验的高级技术专家,也是位于洛杉矶的Dimond咨询公司的创始人。Jennison Asuncion先生,他从2006年开始由加拿大到美国,一直积极参与信息无障碍建设工作,现在在微软旗下的领英公司做信息无障碍工程部的总监。



Hi, everyone. I am Frances West, the founder of FrancesWestCo Global Advisory Company.
As a senior advisor of the Accessibility Products Alliance, I am very happy to invite the founders of Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD), Joe Deven and Jennison Asuncion, to share the origin and purpose of GAAD and expectations for the coming events in China.
Joe Devon is a senior technical expert with many years of product design and development experience. He is the founder of Dimond consulting company based in Los Angeles. Since 2006, Jennison Asuncion has been committed to accessibility, from Canada to the United States. Now he is the head of the accessibility engineering evangelism of LinkedIn.
Now, let's welcome Joe.  Joe, please.
Thank you Frances. The history of Global Accessibility Awareness Day dates back to 2011 when I was at a web developer working on American And my dad was getting older and he had a lot of trouble banking in person and online banking should have been the solution. However, the banking website was inaccessible that made me pretty upset.
So I wrote a blog post on an obscure database blog. And I proposed that we should create a Global Accessibility Awareness Day for developers and designers and anybody involved building digital products to have this day where they try and improve their accessibility. Since then, the event has gone viral with every single year.
What I'm excited for most in our ninth year and I can't believe we're turning nine years old this year.  It is that despite everything that's going on with the coronavirus.
We are having a lot of virtual online events, which means that we're gonna have a lot more people from around the world being able to participate. I'm also excited because we have Indonesia and Azerbaijan joining us for the first time celebrating global accessibility awareness day.
I want to take a minute to thank CAPA. It's very exciting for us to have learned that events has been taking place in China for a couple of years now. So again, I want to thank CAPA for making accessibility something that's important and that you're sharing with your colleagues in China to make China a much more accessible place.
I too would like to echo Jennison's words. We are so excited to see China and getting involved in Global Accessibility Awareness Day. So thank you so much to CAPA for getting involved. And to Frances for informing us about this and inviting us to send you a message. So happy Global Accessibility Awareness Day.
Now, on behalf of the two founders and myself, I wish the events in China for the GAAD success!Thanks.